Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Indiana State Tree, my favorite!

This is honestly my very most favoritest plant, it just happens to be a tree. I am wild about tree's anyway, but this one "tops" my list. Why? Easy to grow! Gets really big! Grows fast! Has a flower! Has the coolest leaf ever of any tree! It just has a cool name! (note that the exclamation points are supposed to make each point sound really Cool!)
liriodendron tulipifera- another big long word that means something to someone. In the real world this tree is called Tulip Tree! No wonder I love it, my second favorite plant is a bulb. The Tulip. I can be bought with pink starburst and tulips! Just for future reference.
The Tulip tree is also called, Tulip Magnolia, Tulip Poplar, Yellow Poplar, & Whitewood Tree. The large deciduous tree can easily reach 70 to 90 feet tall. Full grown tree's of 150 feet are common! How is that for a shade tree? The shape of this tree is ovate to pyramidal when young but they can get irregular when they get older. Adding to the charm. The trunks are massive when full grown, and can be branch less for decent distance up. This tree is bright green and has a flower in the spring. The flower has a pleasant scent, but isn't really anything special. Tulip Tree it gets its name from the tulip shaped leaves. Now that is really cool!
This tree likes moist, well drained soil. But tulip trees will do great in most soil types. It can grow fast if given the room to grow, plenty of water and has all the soil requirements it likes. But like most tree's it hates to be left in standing water. It likes slightly acidic soil, but that isn't required. This tree likes to be watered, and hates dry never watered area's. I wouldn't consider this an extremely drought tolerant tree. I would give it a Medium rating for drought. But like most tree's after it is established it does not need nearly as much water. Tulip tree will search for ground water, if you water deeply. And guess what, surface roots usually are not a problem. Bonus!

If you have a big spot, and you need some shade. I think you will really like the Tulip Tree.

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