Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart

Dicentra spectabilis... That is one of those long names that no one really understands. But all of the "cool" gardening people like to say. Hey, it makes us feel cool. And this really is a Cool plant. This Shade loving perennial, is a must for you.This pretty flower loves the shade. Do not even consider it in the sun. It also loves a moderate amount of water. That is easy, because when this little beauty is blooming usually it is still raining. It blooms in early Spring to Late Spring. The blossoms are pink or white. Obviously it gets its name from the blossom.
Give this perennial a 10-10-10 mixture or time release in the spring. It is really incredibly easy to grow. But don't expect that it will bloom much longer than the spring. You may get foliage, but you wont get anything else in the heat of the summer. It just goes dormant, so watch that you don't dig it up. My Bleeding Hearts just continue to get bigger and bigger each year. And in their little spot in my garden, they are welcome to. If you dead head this plant, it will extend the life of the flowers.
The best way to propagate this plant is to divide it. Wait until it is well established, at least 3 years before you do. It will do some self sewing, but is really not invasive.

If you are trying to create a sweet English cottage looking garden, you cant go wrong with the Bleeding Heart...
Happy Planting

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  1. Great Info. I LOVE Bleeding Hearts and now know why mine kept dying! Thanks!